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Blackdog band artists are seasoned by the ever flowing waves of the funk ocean. Sound moves in waves, and this becomes clear when you are shaking your booty to some big sound funk.

While the Blackdog Band plays some trio shows, more and more shows feature the Psycho Horns (you never know what they are going to do), formerly the Brass meltdown legends, the Psychadelic zombies. Their improvisational sound and passionate delivery bring a quality to the Blackdog Band Experience that can carry one through the ...

Originating from the New York funk/rock scene in the late 80s early 90s. The Blackdog Band's high energy performances leave audiences from coast to coast entranced with the powerful sounds of a band that connects with the music at deeper levels. Featuring soulful lyrics of Ryan Smith and John Ridnell (voc, lead git) the band has taken a new direction by touring with P-Nut Daniels (midi sax). P-Nut has adoped the band as a vehicle for his "voice of pure love", as one fan passionately expressed to us recently.

If you are ready to learn a few things about jazz, funk, and blues while having the time of your life, come check out the blackdog Band at your soonest convenience. Coming to a town near you. Check for dates and mp3 downloads.